Wooden Indian Burial Ground (us)

In their current state of designed perpetual flux WOODEN INDIAN BURIAL GROUND has found some serious footing. Since 2012 Justin Fowler, Dan Galucki have consistently churned out shimmering, spasmodic psych rock of an exceptional degree. Since joined by Nathan Moore and Cory Gray in 2016, the crew has found a sort of chaotic cohesion. Many tours across the United States and Europe with the likes of FUZZ, Built to Spill and countless other groups of questionable individuals have left WIBG wise, weathered and thankful for the opportunity to shred. On tip toes and with bloody hands WIBG creates something more than songs. Their singular style is an organic cacophony of scattered metallic sway and lascivious throbbing that had already shaken everyone's spine 2 years ago at the Magasin 4 in Brussels for the Stellar Swamp, we're glad to have them back on the line-up and present them to the rock'n roll heads of Gent on March 23 (Café Charlatan).