THE GLÜCKS (be) > release party

For those of you who haven't heard of them or seen them on stage across the country, he Glücks are the savage Bonny & Clyde garage-punk duo from Ostend (BE) that unleash more sparks than a disc grinder. Slap bang boom in the middle of a Golden Triangle mapped out by The Cramps, The Stooges and Thee Oh Sees, all gathered for pints & tacos in the house of the Exorcist.
We've been having them in mind since the first edition of Stellar Swamp, and this year seems like the perfect timing: they're releasing their first full length LP on March 24, the day after their release show at the Gent night of Stellar Swamp in Café Charlatan, joined by the shoegaze outfit Tubelight and the psycho-garage American trio Wooden Indian Burial Ground. Better bring your surfboards folks, with 2 extra layers of WAX.