Strange Cages (uk)

Three bloodthirsty, reptile-obsessed youths from the Brighton gutter.
The Beach Boys without the beach.
Three handsome, young men in the prime of their lives to be discovered at Charleroi's Vecteur, sharing the stage with Spookhuis & Snapped Ankles.

"Brighton is known as a destination for the odd the dirty weekends, and sleazy psych rockers Strange Cages channel their hometown’s saucy resources on Desert, a Theo Verney-produced wad of wonky-legged riffs and thirsty vocals." - Q Magazine

"Strange Cages’ dark, primal sounds suggest a strict and pungent diet of psychedelic garage rock. Strange Cages could easily be filed between The Cramps and The Black Angels, with their sleazy, gritty vocals and snaking guitar lines" - Fred Perry Subculture