Snapped Ankles are a London-based post-punk band. They are signed to The Leaf Label, released the single "I Want My Minutes Back" on 17 March 2017 and the EP "The Best Light Is The Last Light" on 30 June 2017. Their first full-length album Come Play The Trees was released 29 September 2017.
Snapped Ankles released their first full-length album on The Leaf Label on 29 Septmeber 2017. The Quietus described the album as "propulsive and angular", praised it as "the embodiment of the weird, wonderful and true ecology of it all, presented by a bunch of folks dressed like ditches" and compared the band to "a pagan Can or a forested Fall". Loud and Quiet describe the album as "hyperactive post-punk for the ailing state of the nation" and "bounding forward uncannily like The Fall’s recent work".
The band perform in "shamanistic costumes" and their live performances include elements of performance art and art-rock, an absolute must-see in this year's edition of Stellar Swamp, at Charleroi's Vecteur.