Bordering between an instrumental psychedelic rock band and a Dadaist
collec8ve, Radar Men From The Moon have become a cult favourite for
fans seeking a hard and abstract alterna8ve to the folky flower children of
the psych scene. They are now releasing their third LP, Subversive I, which
debuts at Liverpool Psych Fest on 26th September 2015.
The record was an8cipated by the single “Hacienda”, defined by Under
The Radar Magazine as an “eight minute monster, hypno8c enough to
help you reach an ecsta8c state”.
The single is characteris8c of RMFTM’s heavy experimental epics, which
traverse shoegaze, psychedelia, new wave and krautrock with pulsa8ng
tempos more oQen found in electronica than rock and roll. The foursome’s
avant‐garde style and tendency towards abstrac8on makes them closer to
ar8sts like Can and Tangerine Dream, than the archetypal veterans of
psychedelic rock.
Since their debut release Echo Forever in 2012, Radar Men From The
Moon’s instrumental explora8ons have earned them a reputa8on as one
of the best live acts in the psych scene. They’ve headlined several
European tours and played almost every psych fest on the European
circuit including Incubate, Desert Fest Berlin and Roadburn, as well as
cura8ng the line‐up at their local Eindhoven Psych Lab.
The group have approached Subversive I as an artwork, with the purpose
of exploring, deconstruc8ng and subver8ng the group itself. Subversive I is
the first in a triptych of albums that will diversify the band’s methods
through increasing experimenta8on and collabora8on.
RMFTM’s Glenn Peeters states: “We named it Subversive I because we
intend to subvert an established balance within the RMFTM order
and context. Ques8oning ourselves as a group is a part of our prac8se.
This first album is played and recorded by the RMFTM core members, but
we plan to open up and invite different musicians and ar8sts to contribute
to the second and third part of the triptych, as well as our live sets. We
have clear ideas and at the same 8me we are open to chance. It keeps us