Despite almost all bands being prone to painting themselves as frontier-hurdling mavericks who provoke extreme reactions in their audience, the fact is that the vast majority of them wont produce little more than bland indifference or benign acceptance in whichever audience they come into contact with, Not so Housewives, the London-based outfit whose psychic charge- equal parts brittle rhythmic drive, angular contortions and monochrome minimalism - is as punishing in approach as the band are enigmatic in aspect. They're back at the Magasin 4 after their first appearance in Brussels last year alongside Tomaga, their endorsing duo who's also behind Negative Days records, Housewives' label. Their strobed up radical show had left us wandering about a hundred different questions about music, light, art, 80's haircuts, and mostly why the hell was there only 70 people in the room on that Tuesday night.